“Solar power is not about fashion, it’s about survival.”

Sir Norman Foster

We consult with you and undertake a professional assessment of what you need to achieve your goals. We then offer you either a standardised solar system or a custom-designed and built system.

We install grid-connected, grid-interactive and off-grid solar systems. Our expertise covers everything from large-scale industrial systems to domestic off-grid installations.

We use only top quality materials and inspect every element before installation. We insist on employing our own, seasoned solar engineering teams, which means that you only deal with people who take direct responsibility.

Our comprehensive service includes procurement, expert installation, project management, engineering and monitoring. We also arrange financing if required.

Consultation and preliminary design

  • Determine client’s needs
  • Determine available roof space
  • Determine the ideal energy solution
  • Determine modules
  • Determine inverters

Detailed design

  • Determine inverter location
  • Design ducts
  • Design electronic connections
  • Design DC and AC cabling network
  • Calculate system requirements and output

Preparation and project plan

  • Analyse risk and safety requirements
  • Draw up high-level project plan per week
  • Undertake procurement
  • Finalise logistics


  • Erect safety structures and implement safety precautions
  • Install modules, inverters, cables, electrical connections, batteries
  • Switch on electrical connections

Certification and installation acceptance

  • Ensure that the system is live and fully functional
  • Check that the entire system operates perfectly


  • Implement the Sunworx Five Star Warranty
  • Fulfil service level agreements
  • Monitor installations and produce energy reports

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