“I urge individuals around the world to stand up and ask local leaders to pledge to buy green power like wind or solar energy. Our actions may determine if we become a casualty in the war for a habitable planet for generations to come.”

Leonardo Di Caprio

We confirm our long-term commitment to you with the Sunworx Five Star Warranty. This is your assurance of our dedication to prime quality products and service. The Sunworx Five Star Warranty proves that we install the best quality solar systems available in South Africa, and that you will enjoy the benefits of solar energy for the long term.

Solar panels frequently last for double the amount of time that we guarantee them for. According to Andy Black, solar financial analysis expert and instructor, many of the installations done 40 years ago still have an 80% power output.

The proven longevity of PV equipment allows Sunworx to offer you a variety of assurances for your peace of mind.

2-year warranty on all workmanship

5-year warranty on all cabling and switchgear

sunworx 5 star warranty

5-year warranty on your inverter

20-year warranty on your solar plant mounting structure

25-year warranty on the solar power output from your solar panels

*manufacturers warranties differ

Enjoy long-term peace of mind with Sunworx

The Sunworx Five Star Warranty includes a 25+ year guarantee of the performance of your panels. You’ll also receive a five-year service guarantee for your inverters, which will be replaced should they be irreparably damaged during this time. Note that the Manufacturers warranties differ to that of the Sunworx warranties, please request details from one of our sales consultants. Overall, our assurances extend to the following areas:

Mounting and framing

The robust connective components of your energy system play an important role as they keep the PV panels attached to your roof. Therefore they must be strong and weather resistant and remain in excellent condition. At Sunworx, we start with high-quality products. You can rest assured that we’ll replace or fix items should they be faulty in any way.


In the unlikely event that your system should fail or be damaged, our technicians can be on the scene within 72 hours. This ensures that downtime is minimised.


With all of our setups, we guarantee our work for a five-year period. Should any issues arise from the installation itself during this time, we will rectify it immediately. A 5-year workmanship warranty is exclusive to our Builders Warehouse clients, standard workmanship warranty is 2 years.


We will ensure that you have a quick response to any issues that arise with regard to the performance of your system for 5 years after the installation. This long-term agreement is part of our commitment to providing you with our support and expertise. You can also expect top-quality monitoring services throughout the life of your solar system when you enlist these from us.

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