“Climate change – never before in history have human beings been called on to act collectively in defence of the earth.”

Desmond Tutu

Over 25MW of B2B installed to date

A cost-effective and reliable power supply separates successful businesses and institutions from those that lose revenue and clients.

Sunworx and your low carbon future

Draft legislation has already introduced energy management plans, carbon tax, carbon offsets and carbon budgets in South Africa.

With a Sunworx solar system, you will be in a position to benefit from these regulations as soon as carbon trading becomes operational here.

South Africa’s ratification of the Paris Agreement in 2016 signals that switching to green energy will determine future success and sustainable growth for enterprises and communities.

Sunworx and your bottom line

Sunworx solar systems are rapidly reducing in cost, while grid electricity becomes ever more expensive.

Once Sunworx has installed your system, you will never face energy price hikes again.

You will recoup the installation cost within several years, and after that you will continue generating your own free power.

No need for expensive, noisy and polluting generators.

Initial capital vs return on investment (ROI)

Because Sunworx provides a tailor-made solution that’s optimised for your specific business needs, costs are scalable from project to project. Whatever the size of your business, Sunworx has an affordable solar solution for you.

Our impressive portfolio includes the successful and cost-effective installation and management of grand-scale solar PV systems for numerous industrial and commercial enterprises.

The spiralling cost of conventional energy prices, high tariffs and our 25-year output guarantee offset the initial cost of setting up a green energy system with significant ROI.

Your investment could start yielding returns after five to eight years depending on the cost of your current electricity as well as the level of radiation in your area. However, considering the consistent price increases by government utilities, it’s a good idea to switch to the power-saving solar solution now and start generating free electricity.

Does your business require financing to go green?

We can put you in touch with a financing institution that will, case by case, assess the health of your business and discuss financing a Sunworx system.

If you wish to avoid the capital expenditure that’s required for solar panelling, we offer the option of a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). These long-term contracts allow you to benefit from discounted PV energy, without having to finance or maintain the system yourself. Please ask to speak to a member of our team in order to get more information on our solar lease or PPA.

Manufacturing companies can apply for an incentive programme which may award a grant equalling 30% of the cost of a PV system.

To discuss financing, incentives or PPAs, please fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Choose a Sunworx business solution and reduce your operating expenses in the long run, today!

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